Pure Life Carolinas

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Better taste and softer skin. We love it!

Sayowara Vargas

Skin softer after shower. Water from tap tastes better!

Keith Anthony

No calcium build up anymore, water tastes better!

Esthener Jennings

I no longer have to buy bottled water. My skin is softer.

Richard Brown

We have noticed that the water tastes better than before. Don’t feel the chlorine. Better on clothes and dishes!


Good clean water. I’m happy.

William Liles

Dont have to buy bottled water anymore.
No chlorine smelll or taste!

Mike Perry


Anthony Shockley

Able to drink directly from the tap without odor and it tastes good!

Ralph Murphy

Shower head produces soft water.

Nathaniel Sturdlaunt

Everything has improved with taste, cleaning and my clothes. Didn’t realize how much of a difference clean water can make! Everyone in the family is drinking more water!

Deborah Griffin

Better taste, no chlorine, and softer skin!

DawnPower Reid

Great taste and feels great!

Tomika Moore

We really love our new water system. Skin is softer and water taste better!

Kim Miller

Water taste better, food taste a lot better and my skin feels better! Clothes feel great after wash!

Amur El

I can tell the difference with the water. The taste alone speaks volumes!

Chris Martin

Does what it’s supposed to do. Very happy.

Josh Claudio

We have loved our system since it has been installed.

Micheal Catus

Water tastes better, save a lot of dish liquid and my skin is softer.

Qutisha Leach

Can tell the difference in taste, cleaning, and bathing. We love our system.

Jose Escoredo

I like the experience with Pure Life because they really explain the product very well. Everything is working fine, no complaint.

Tyrez King

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