Drink Clean Water From The Tap

Is Your Water Clean?

It’s impossible to overstate how important clean water is to your daily life. You drink it, cook with it, and bathe in it. Your kids drink it, as well as your pets. 

But how clean is the water in your home?

Call Pure Life Water of the Carolinas today. We install water purification, air filtration systems and water treatment systems throughout the states of North Carolina & South Carolina.

Residential Water Filtration

Alkaline Water

Air Filtration

The Key To A Healthier Life

You don’t have to worry about the safety of your water. The equipment we install can remove dangerous contaminants in your water and soften it-so your water will be completely clean and safe for you and your family.

You can also use us to install an air filtration system in your home.

Whole Home Water Filter

Save money on your utility bills with an energy-efficient filtration system.

Remove contaminants from your drinking water.

Reverse Osmosis Filter

Remove contaminants from your drinking water.

A water filtration system can eliminate impurities in your water, such as:

Alkaline Water Filter

Helps with:

Acid reflux
•High blood pressure

•High cholesterol


Air Purifier

Remove strange odors from your air.

Adding an air purifier has been known to prevent:
•Staph infections

•Strep throat infections

•Flu viruses

•Mold spores

•Respiratory issues

Service Areas

North Carolina Service Areas
● Charlotte

● Raleigh
● Greesnboro
● Durham
● Winston-Salem
● Fayetteville
● Cary
● Wilmington
● High Point

South Carolina Service Areas

● Charleston
● Columbia
● North Charleston
● Mount Pleasant
● Rock Hill
● Greenville
● Summerville
● Goose Creek
● Hilton Head Island
● Sumter

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Customer Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our customers are saying:

We are pleased with our water results. It leaves our clothes soft and refreshing and now our skin is softer, not itchy.

Arthur & Bettye Canada

The water is more gentle on the hair and skin. It feels so much better. The also water has a better taste. We really like it!!

Muray Dantuluei

I LOVE our water because it not only tastes good, it has helped me lose weight. Now when I go to the lab the nurses have no trouble taking my blood.

Gail Little

Tyrin was very personable and professional. He was able to show me what was actually in my water. Since owning my system I have noticed that my skin is softer and I feel better drinking water.

Donna & Tom Mcnair

I now drink from my faucet which is amazing because I don’t have to buy bottled water anymore! Clothes are softer after a wash.

William Rosselle

More Testimonials

We LOVE our new enhanced water treatment system and would recommend everyone get one! We had issues with dry skin and hair before. Now our skin and hair are soft and the water tastes better!

Aundre & Timisha Akoni

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Whether you want a whole-home water filtration system or a single reverse osmosis filter, you can rely on us for expert installation and long lasting products . We also offer air filtration services.

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